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Manor & Mews has been operating in Jaipur since 2015 and is now comprised of several state-of-the-art proprietary manufacturing facilities occupying 450,000 square feet. We use the latest and most advanced wood working machines from Germany; e.g. automatic panel saw, Veneer Hot-press, edge banding machines, etc to produce exceptional product. Our best in class facilities are compliant to the world standards and are completely self sufficient in all skill sets. Each product is made with a focus on craftsmanship and quality to meet the buyers specifications as well as international standards.


  • Automatic Panel
  • Veneer Hot-press
  • Edge Banding Machine
  • Beam Saw
  • Auto Edge Bander
  • CNC Router
  • NC Dovetail Machine
  • Spindle Moulder
  • Post Form
  • Multi Boring
  • Curvilinear Edge Bander
  • Universal Testing Machine
  • Salt Spray Test Chamber
  • EMC Chamber